Can You Put Shingles on a Flat Roof

Can You Put Shingles on a Flat Roof


Flat roofs are very popular in residential roofing. Flat roofs can be found on small homes in cities and rural homes off the grid. Flat roofs can also be used to add new porches, garages, and garden features like pergolas and gazebos. Flat roofs are becoming more popular among homeowners to add to their pitched roofs in order to take advantage of these wonderful features. There are some issues when you attach a flat roof to your existing roof shingles.

How Flat Roof and Roof Shingles Connect

The area where a flat roof meets a pitched roofing is much more vulnerable than the rest of the roof. To prevent water from leaking, roofers should take extra care when installing shingles. This article will explain the importance of the shingle-to-flat roof transition and how a roofer can properly connect shingle and flat roofs.

Why Can’t a Flat Roof Have Shingles?

Why not install shingles on a flat roof? Flat roofs don’t have to be perfectly flat. They can pitch a little. You can’t put shingles on a flat roof because water doesn’t drain quickly enough. Asphalt shingle installation requires a minimum slope of 2:12.

How to make the Flat Roof to Pitched Roof transition

Professional roofers are best suited for this job. As a homeowner, you might be curious as to how your roofer will tie in your roof planes. It is also a good idea to know how shingle and flat roofs should be attached so you can ask the right questions and get the best results possible for your roof.
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