Scandinavian Industrial, Minimalist, Masculine Interior Design Style

Scandinavian Industrial, Minimalist, Masculine Interior Design Style

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Scandinavian industrial design creates a cozy atmosphere with an impressive appearance. Minimalist interior style that is masculine and sexy.

 Industrial and Scandinavian are two of the many interior design styles that are quite popular today. This industrial and Scandinavian interior style is widely applied to commercial and residential building types.

 Industrial is known as an unfinished interior design style with the use of dark colors and rough materials. This interior style is often identified as a masculine and macho style.

Many industrial designs have been adapted and used as the main interior scheme in buildings and spaces such as cafes, offices, and several other public areas or spaces.

Unique and distinctive industrial interior, making it widely chosen and used as a choice of interior design styles for shops and other business places. Industrial style is indeed very capable of providing a strong appeal to the building, both exterior and interior.

Another with Scandinavian interior design. This Nordic country style is an interior style that comes with a minimalist appearance and the dominant use of white. Scandinavian interior uses small furniture, with a simple model and emphasizes functionality.

The white color, which is one of the hallmarks of Scandinavia, displays a broad, airy and bright impression in the room. Thus, this interior style is very suitable for use in small spaces, to make it look different and look more spacious and functional.

Scandinavian Industrial Design; Chic & Cozy

For those of you who like these two interior design styles, you can combine industrial and Scandinavian into one design style. The marriage of industrial and Scandinavian styles creates an atmosphere that is not only unique, but also comfortable and impressive.

But keep in mind, if you want to combine these two interior styles, you have to determine which one will dominate more, will it accentuate the industrial more? or vice versa?

Actually it doesn’t matter if you also want to use both of them to have the same portion. But you must be very observant in determining the elements and design elements that will be used, so as not to appear to overlap and instead display obscurity.

Harmony is very necessary in order to create balance.

Living Room / Family Room Skandi style

The use of industrial and Scandinavian interior styles in the family room and living room you can start from the wall. Use white to represent the Scandinavian side, then combine it with exposed bricks in one part to represent the industry.

Next, about furniture.

You can play with chairs, sofas, and also a coffee table. In order to appear to represent both of them, a neutral colored sofa that blends with chairs and / or a coffee table with metal accents, is able to show a harmonious blend between Scandinavian and also insdutrial. Metal represents industrial, while strong wood accents, represents the presence of natural elements typical of scandi.

Scandinavian Industrial-style Bedroom

For the bedroom, you can also start something similar as in the living room. Exposed brick walls are a hallmark of industry, while wood accents, simple furnishings and warm rugs can represent Scandinavia.

Hanging pendant with metal elements can also really represent industrial style. And the white color of the exposed walls is the perfect mix of an industrial-scandi interior style show that is both warm and bold and bold.

Scandinavian Kitchen and Dining

The partition-less kitchen and dining area is the embodiment of the modern minimalist interior design style. Scandinavia, which is also part of the minimalist style, can easily show its dominance in such an open floor area.

The dominance of white, simple wooden furniture or furniture, wooden floors, and several other aspects of Scandinavian decor, can be combined with the use of industrial styles represented by lighting or lamps, furniture, and kitchen cabinets, and once again, one of the exposed brick walls. which is also white.

The industrial-Scandinavian-style kitchen and dining room can look so impressive. A room with an open floor concept and a small size is indeed very suitable and fitting to use this industrial-scandi style so that it can have an attractive appearance.

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