The Dirty Secrets: What House Cleaners Wish Clients Knew

The Dirty Secrets: What House Cleaners Wish Clients Knew

Are you tired of spending hours scrubbing, dusting, and vacuuming your home every week? 

Well, imagine if there were professionals who could take care of all the dirty work for you. House cleaners are like unsung heroes, making our lives easier by ensuring our homes are clean and tidy. 

However, what if we told you that there are some dirty secrets they wish their clients knew? In this article, we’ll dive into the world of house cleaning and uncover the hidden truths that professional house cleaners often keep to themselves. 

Get ready to learn the secrets they don’t want you to know—from dirty little misconceptions to insider tips and tricks for cleaning your house like a pro. Get the scoop on what house cleaners wish you knew!

What Annoying Things Clients Do Thinking They’re Helping?

In the professional cleaning world, there are some who, with good intentions, make the job harder for the cleaning company. Their efforts to help are appreciated, but their actions can lead to more work or complications for the cleaners.

As dedicated as they are, these well-meaning clients don’t realise that some seemingly helpful actions can actually make the cleaning process less efficient and effective. 

One of the most common annoyances is rearranging furniture before the cleaners arrive. It’s understandable that they want a sparkling space, but this kind of gesture often messes up the flow and stops the pros from doing their job properly.

Cleaning Before the Cleaning Team Arrives

There are those clients who try to help by tidying up before the cleaner’s arrival. Cleaning is an important part of keeping our space hygienic, and most people run through their normal cleaning routine without thinking twice about it. 

Very often, when domestic cleaners arrive at the site we were called to clean, the client has already performed some routines, thinking they are helping. 

While tidiness is appreciated, it can make it difficult for professionals to distinguish between things that need to be cleaned and those that have already been taken care of. 

As a result, the valuable time that could have been dedicated to thoroughly cleaning every nook and cranny is wasted on deciphering what has been tidied. 

Even though it can feel like second nature, some cleaning habits are actually counterproductive, leaving behind bacteria, dust, and grime. Eventually, this results in more cleaning work for the cleaners.

Rubbing In Stains

One of the most common things clients do before calling the cleaners to do the job for them is rubbing stains. Spills and stains often require quick acting, so they don’t set in. 

However, it’s a mistake to assume that the first thing you should do is start scrubbing because you’ll likely make the situation worse and harder for your cleaners to deal with afterwards. 

This can cause the stain to spread further, penetrate deeper into the fabric or damage its fibres. Instead of rubbing on a stain, blot it to remove the residue and, afterwards, use an appropriate stain removal method.

Using the Wrong Water Temperature When Cleaning

Clients often make a mistake with the water temperature. Some tasks need hot water, while others need warm or cold. 

It depends on the job, like hot water for removing grease and oil, warm water for cleaning and cold water for delicate fabrics. Be sure to read the instructions on cleaning products to get the right temperature. 

Otherwise, it’ll mean more work for the cleaners.

Vacuuming Before Dusting

Sometimes, when we arrive, some clients have vacuumed already, thinking they’re helping. 

However, not dusting before vacuuming is another mistake that makes the cleaning afterwards more troublesome and doesn’t really help at all. 

When you vacuum, you release debris that can settle back onto the surfaces in your home if you haven’t dusted them first. That’s why you need to dust surfaces first and then vacuum them.

Not Communicating About What Needs Special Attention

Another issue arises when clients forget to mention and address specific areas or items requiring special attention. Often, clients assume that certain spaces or objects are insignificant or can be easily addressed.

However, the cleaning company relies on accurate information to provide the best service possible. It is in the client’s best interest to communicate their expectations and anything that may require additional attention.

Not Communicating About Preferences for Cleaning Products

Another recurring issue involves cleaning products. Some clients assume that their own cleaning solutions are superior or prefer to use environmentally friendly alternatives, which is absolutely fine. 

However, failing to communicate this with the cleaning company can lead to confusion and potentially damage surfaces if incompatible products are used.

Neglecting Proper Ventilation

Last but not least, a cleaning mistake that many of our clients have often made, which doesn’t necessarily create more work for the cleaners, but it’s still important to note, is neglecting proper ventilation when while cleaning with chemical-based products.

When you clean with products containing bleach or ammonia, it’s important to provide good ventilation in the room. The fumes from such products are released into the air and can affect your health.

Always turn on a vent fan, open a window or switch on an air purifier if you have one. Besides that, using harsh chemical cleaners isn’t always the best option, as there are many safer homemade solutions you can DIY that will do the job just as effectively.

What You Should Do Instead

One word – communicate! Ultimately, while clients’ intentions are well-meant, their actions can sometimes hinder the very cleaning assistance they seek. 

By allowing professionals to work their magic uninterrupted and providing clear communication, clients can truly help the cleaning company do what they do best – create immaculate spaces that shine with cleanliness.


In conclusion, understanding the dirty secrets that house cleaners wish clients knew can greatly improve your cleaning experience and foster a positive relationship with your hired professionals. 

By being mindful of their time constraints, providing clear instructions, and maintaining open communication, you can ensure a smooth and efficient cleaning process. Remember to respect their expertise and trust them to do their job effectively. 

Additionally, it is crucial to appreciate the physical demands and hard work involved in this profession. 

So next time you welcome a house cleaner into your home, keep these secrets in mind – not only will you receive exceptional service but also build a harmonious partnership that benefits both parties. 

Let’s create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected for the vital role they play in maintaining our homes’ cleanliness!

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