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Rising Rents, Rising Hopes: Build-to-Rent Takes Root in New Zealand

Rising Rents, Rising Hopes: Build-to-Rent Takes Root in New Zealand

Across New Zealand, the housing market has become synonymous with one word: unaffordable. Soaring house prices and stagnant wages have locked many Kiwis out of homeownership, leaving them trapped in a precarious rental market. But a new player is emerging on the scene, promising a glimmer of hope – BTR properties.

What is BTR?

Unlike traditional rental properties owned by individual landlords, BTR developments are purpose-built by institutional investors for the sole purpose of long-term rentals. These are typically multi-unit apartment buildings or complexes designed with community living in mind, often offering amenities like gyms, shared courtyards, and even on-site childcare.

Why is BTR Rising Now?

Several factors are fueling the BTR boom in New Zealand:

  • Housing shortage: With traditional homeownership increasingly out of reach, the demand for quality rental options is at an all-time high. BTR offers a potential solution, injecting much-needed supply into the market.
  • Shifting investor preferences:
Renter-Friendly Decor Hacks for Every Type of Property

Renter-Friendly Decor Hacks for Every Type of Property

Rental homes are often cold, dull and lack character, but changing them is often an uphill battle with the landlord. The good news is, despite the lease agreement’s restrictions, there are still steps you can take to ensure you make your place as comfortable as possible. These tenant-friendly interior design tips will help you transform and customise your rental home. They are reversible, affordable, easy to implement and will help you maximise your living space.

Use peel-and-stick wallpapers and stickers

Anyone renting a house should know about these outstanding products. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is simple to apply and easy to remove. You can use it to accent the wall’s paint in a small area in your rental space or make a statement by sticking it on an entire wall. You can make it more interesting by putting it on furniture or stairs—a perfect solution for rental houses. 

Peel-and-stick stickers are less …

The Dirty Secrets: What House Cleaners Wish Clients Knew

The Dirty Secrets: What House Cleaners Wish Clients Knew

Are you tired of spending hours scrubbing, dusting, and vacuuming your home every week? 

Well, imagine if there were professionals who could take care of all the dirty work for you. House cleaners are like unsung heroes, making our lives easier by ensuring our homes are clean and tidy. 

However, what if we told you that there are some dirty secrets they wish their clients knew? In this article, we’ll dive into the world of house cleaning and uncover the hidden truths that professional house cleaners often keep to themselves. 

Get ready to learn the secrets they don’t want you to know—from dirty little misconceptions to insider tips and tricks for cleaning your house like a pro. Get the scoop on what house cleaners wish you knew!

What Annoying Things Clients Do Thinking They’re Helping?

In the professional cleaning world, there are some who, with good intentions, make the job …

How to Insulate Water Pipes to Protect Your Plumbing

How to Insulate Water Pipes to Protect Your Plumbing

Winter’s frosty bite can be harsh, especially on your home’s plumbing system. The risk of frozen or burst pipes becomes all too real as temperatures drop, leading to potential headaches and costly repairs. 

However, there is a handy solution that can help you avoid these dangers: water pipes insulation techniques. 

Insulation acts as a protective shield for your pipes against the bitter cold whilst also enhancing your home’s energy efficiency, which can reflect positively on your heating bills. 

So, let’s walk you through the process of insulating your water pipes, offering practical steps to protect your plumbing, save you money, and give you peace of mind during those colder months.

Choose the Right Insulation Material

Selecting the most suitable insulation material for your pipes is of major importance in ensuring effective insulation. Each material has distinct characteristics that serve particular needs. 

The primary options at your disposal include the …

5 Practical Tips to Keep Your Home Warmer for Cheaper

5 Practical Tips to Keep Your Home Warmer for Cheaper

Winter can be an expensive season for homeowners due to the high cost of energy required to keep the home cozy and warm. However, there’s no need to worry because there are many simple and effective ways to reduce energy consumption and keep heating costs in check. 

We’ve collected the most practical tips to help you save on energy bills and contribute to environmental preservation by lowering your carbon footprint. Whether your goal is to save money or be eco-friendly, these tips will definitely help you achieve both. Read on and get your home ready for the winter.

Maintain Your Heating System

To ensure secure and efficient operation, home improvement specialists always recommend regular check-ups of the heating system. What needs to be done is an annual inspection and tune-up in the fall to ensure that the furnace is operating properly and safely. 

During a routine inspection, energy efficiency should …